Chris Cuomo: Trump Did His Least At The Border


CNN: Chris Cuomo says President Trump missed an opportunity to make meaningful change when he visited the southern border.

CUOMO: So, my argument was simple and strategic. "Mr. President, if you're going to the Border, don't just go look at a fence and extend a farce."

The justification for this part was the fence he went to isn't new construction. He can say it is it, doesn't make it so. It's replacement fence that was planned for before this POTUS was even elected.

The deception of the reality was fitting, if you think about it, because the fence farce was a redo to begin with, pretending to build something he hasn't, just an extension of other demagogues past.

My argument was it would have been a great opportunity to shift and embrace the humanity that is the actuality. He's demonstrably wrong that the crisis is fixed by a wall.

You see the numbers. You heard CBP. Take a look at your screen. You heard the DHS Secretary.

It is kids and families and the flow at the points of entry. Fence doesn't fix it alone. So, if he went there, looked at the faces, showed he cared, that would put him in the right space.

And there was a second stage. Use the emergency declaration to send resources to the Border that they need. In one stroke, you go where almost no one in Congress has, you show that you care, and you do something about it that puts Congress in a position to have to act.

But as many as you guessed, that was not a move that could make it into his head, nor certainly into his heart. Now look, I'm no fool. And if I am, I'm a fool for hope. I believe in change. I'm about redemption and doing better.

Instead, this POTUS did his least. He faked the fence. He didn't visit the kids. And when he did decide to address the devastating dynamic of kids and families flooding our Border, he said the worst thing he could.


TRUMP: The system is full, can't take you anymore. Whether it's asylum, whether it's anything you want, it's illegal immigration, can't take you anymore. We can't take you. Our country is full. Our area is full. The sector is full. Can't take you anymore, I'm sorry.

(END VIDEO CLIP) CUOMO: It's like the opposite of the Statue of Liberty. No compassion, no conviction for finding a solution, and no real connection to reality.

Look, he is right. The system is overwhelmed. But now what? You can't end asylum. Certainly, not himself, no more than he can change the 14th Amendment and end birthright citizenship by himself. Even Alex Jones knows that.

Here's the regret. When given a chance to show his best, to make Congress see there is someone, there is something to work with, that it's not all lies and fake solutions and shows of pretend strength he reinforced every dark notion about himself.

But before you say, I told you so, to me, don't be so quick to embrace the cynicism that powers our President. Democratic Members of Congress went down there - there today. I hear a hearing is scheduled.

Calling out power to do their job and exposing need is not a pointless act. I argue it is the point of my job. If nothing else, you allow, you guys, you can listen, you can see what's wrong, and to our leaders, who are looking for an opportunity, you can create one to do better.

Lord knows, when it comes to handling the crisis on the Border, anything that anyone gets done in government will be an improvement.

So, while some, like Don, say "Step back. He's never going to do it," I say, "Step up." I say, "We know that we can do better." He has to know he can do better. And that's why I say "Let's get after it."

As we see with our fear-loving leader, left to their own devices, our elected leaders cannot be counted on to act as we would like. But here's my pitch to him again. I'm trying again.

You already have all the people who bought into the fence out of fear of this Brown Menace. You need more. People care about these kids. They care about their families. Show that you do too. And there's a win in it for you. How about that?

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