Trump to Illegal Immigrants: The Country Is Full, So Turn Around


President Donald Trump spoke today at a border security roundtable in Calexico, California where he explained his "new statement" to illegal immigrants.

"The system is full," Trump said. "We can’t take you anymore. Whether it’s asylum, whether it’s anything you want, it’s illegal migration, we can’t take you anymore. Our country is full, our area’s full, the sector is full. We can’t take you anymore, I’m sorry, can’t happen. So turn around, that’s the way it is."

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I say, and this is our new statement, the system is full. We can't take you anymore. Whether it is asylum or anything you want, illegal immigration, we can't take you anymore. Our country is full. Our area is full. The sector is full. We can't take you anymore. Sorry, can't happen. So turn around, that's the way it is. If you look at our southern border, the number of people and the amount of drugs and human trafficking. Human trafficking is something that nobody used to talk about. it's a terrible thing. It is ancient and it is never been bigger than it is modern. Human trafficking, a terrible thing. They come into these areas where you don't have the wall. They come into areas where you don't have the wall. Then they make a left or they make a right nd they come right into the country. Loaded up with people in many cases, and it is pretty sad...

You were mentioning before about people coming in and coming in and they come in. You don't have to take them in. When your system is packed. When you can not get another person in. When every one of your detention areas is teeming and you have to let people go into a country, they can't take 'em. You can't take 'em. We don't have room. We don't have room. That means you can't take them. You understand that? I don't think anyone has ever expressed it like that, but I'm expressing it like that.

When it's full, it's full. You can't take them.

They go back to Mexico and Mexico will bring them back to their country. Or if they're Mexican, it's a step easier, frankly. Over the last four days, Mexico has been very nice. You made a point that was very interesting. If you can't take them, you can't take them. There's nothing you can do, okay?

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