Chris Hayes: Chinese Infiltration Of Mar-A-Lago Is "A Circus"


MSNBC's Chris Hayes reports on efforts by Chinese citizens and spies to infiltrate the president's golf club at Mar-A-Lago.

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC: Part of what makes Donald Trump's continued ownership and maintenance of Mar-a-Lago so obviously corrupt is that anyone can pay a quarter million dollars to become a member and saddle up to the president at the omelet bar and put a bug in his ear about, say, some regulation that's hurting their business.

Then, of course, there is also the national security problem with the club where Trump regularly conducts open air diplomacy. In 2017, Trump ordered missile strikes on Syria from Mar-a-Lago which Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross later crassly described as the "after-dinner entertainment."

The club is quite obviously a massive target for foreign intelligence operations and anyone who wants relatively cheap access to the most powerful man in the world. Cindy Yang, the former operator of the spa named in a prostitution operation in February is accused selling access to Trump to Chinese executives via events at the club. She denies the allegations.

And then this weekend, a Chinese citizen tried to enter Mar-a-Lago with a thumb drive containing malicious software. She now faces federal charges. This may be part of a broader trend. The "Miami Herald" reports that since Trump became president, long time Mar-a-Lago members noted the increased presence of foreigners at charity events and galas, in particular, large contingents of Chinese people who spoke little English. It's a circus, one employee told the Herald on the condition of anonymously for fear of repercussions at work. The employee said Chinese guests would bring gifts of cheap electronics and constantly ask staff to help get face time with Trump or with his family.

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