Trump: Health Care Reform Will Probably Have To Wait Until After 2020


President Trump, during an Oval Office photo op Tuesday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, explained why he doesn't think Congress will work on reforming health care until after the 2020 election:

REPORTER: Why are you pushing a vote on a healthcare replacement until after the 2020 election?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Because I think we're going to have a great health care package. I think the Republican Party will become the party of health care. I see what the Democrats are planning, it is going to be a disaster and everyone knows it. You're gonna lose 180 million people under private insurance.

Obamacare has been such a catastrophe because it is far too expensive. It costs the people so much, they can't afford it. And of cour, the premiums are very high... So Obamacare has been very bad.

So if we get back the House, and on the assumption we keep the Senate and we keep the presidency, which I hope are two good assumptions, we're going to have phenomenal health care.

REPORTER: Did Mitch McConnell ask you to delay this?

TRUMP: No, I wanted to delay it myself. I want to put it after the election because we don’t have the House, so even though the health care is good, really good. When the plan comes out, which we'll be showing you at the appropriate time, it is much better than Obamacare. When the plan comes out, you'll see it. It is possible the Democrats will want to do it, it is much better for the people, but I'm assuming they won't because the Democrats never do anything that is going to be anything other than political.

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