NBC's Chuck Rosenberg on Mueller Report: I've Never Taken 400 Pages To Say Nothing Happened


Speaking to MSNBC's Nicole Wallace Monday afternoon, NBC legal expert Chuck Rosenberg weighed in on the possible contents of the Mueller report.

CHUCK ROSENBERG: It’s never taken me 400 pages to say nothing happened. So I imagine something happened, and that something, particularly with respect to obstruction, was quite serious. But I have a theory, I think it’s plausible as to why Mueller didn’t recommend prosecution or declination on the obstruction. It goes as follows. The Department of Justice has in place policies, one dates to the 70s, one to 2000, that say to charge a sitting president would be overly burdensome, it would stigmatize the presidency, so we just don’t charge sitting presidents. With that in mind, even if the obstruction constituted a crime, and it may well have, we don’t know that yet, I can imagine Mueller not making a recommendation because a recommendation to prosecute someone you can’t prosecute is equally burdensome and equally stigmatizing.

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