Devin Nunes: Democrats Want Unredacted Mueller Report "So They Can Leak It"


California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes told FOX News Monday that Congressional Democrats are seeking to obtain the full, un-redacted Mueller report "so they can leak it."

HARRIS FAULKNER: Do you see Democrats getting an un-redacted version of the Mueller report?

DEVIN NUNES: I highly doubt it if there's grand jury testimony in there. But remember, I was the first member of Congress to say that we not only need the Mueller report, which I actually call the Mueller dossier, because I think it is written by partisans and I don't think there is a lot in there, but what I am interested in learning is how exactly did Mueller's team create this report. I want to see the underlying information. I want to see the interviews they did, who they subpoenaed, if they had any wiretaps. Because we know that this cast of characters, two were kicked off early, we've already caught them taking exculpatory evidence against Americans and leaving it on the cutting room floor.

So we really do want to see, not just the report, but the underlying information.

HARRIS FAULKNER: You know, as American people look at this, there has been at least some thought that William Barr always has promised that he would do what he could per rules and regs. Has any of that changed?

REP. DEVIN NUNES: No. I think the Attorney General wants to do anything and everything he can. I think full transparency is in order and I just want to make sure that everyone understands what full transparency means. The Democrats on the left here just want to get their hands on the report so — it’ll probably be classified, there will be a lot of classified information in there so they can leak it to all the bodies in the media, so they can continue on going down rabbit holes of pretending that there is some kind of Russian collusion.

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