Lindsey Graham: Looks Like Comey And Lynch Gave Clinton "Pass" On Email Investigation While Getting Warrants On Trump Campaign


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he wants to question former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to find out if they gave Hillary Clinton a "free pass" on her email investigation while simultaneously opening a counterintelligence investigation against the 2016 Trump campaign.

Graham said on this week's "Sunday Morning Futures" that he believes the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email controversy and potential bias at the Department of Justice should be revisited.

"Why did Comey take over the investigation? I’d like to talk to Lynch and Comey," Graham said. "I’d like to find out whether or not they basically were in the tank for Clinton and gave her a pass."

"When it comes to the counterintelligence investigation, I want to find out why they never went to Trump to tell him he may have a problem with people in his campaign working for the Russians. They told [Sen. Dianne] Feinstein she had someone in her office working with the Chinese, why didn’t they do that with Trump?" Graham asked.

"And the last thing is the FISA warrant -- how could this document, this dossier, be used to get a warrant against an American citizen four times, and it is still unverified to this day... I hope there’s a special counsel appointed to look at DOJ corruption and political bias because [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller did his job against Trump," Graham said. "Nobody’s really looked at the Clinton campaign, the FISA warrant abuse or the counterintelligence investigation for criminality, yet somebody should."

Graham said he is "not so much interested in retrying" Hillary Clinton. "I just want the American public to know that the standard used against Clinton is an outlier, it’s not the way business is done. And why did they choose that path? I think they had a political bias – they wanted Clinton to win, Trump to lose, and here’s the point: How could she win if the Department of Justice indicted her? I think that’s what drove the decision not to indict. They wanted her to win."

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