Donald Trump Jr.: It Became A Business Model For Media Organizations To Push Trump-Russia Narrative


Donald Trump Jr. fields questions on the press coverage of the Mueller probe from FNC's "Media Buzz" host Howie Kurtz.

"I think there were some people that tried to actually be fair," he said. "And when they were actually fair you'd see the other side just try to just obliterate them, right, even their own following. So you know, I think there were a couple of people that did good reporting, and I don't mean you know conservative reporters. I mean actually people on the other side that were at least unbiased or try to look at it objectively… They lost their following, they get ratioed to heck, you know, it became a business model for most media to attack Donald Trump and to buy into this narrative. And if you didn't you upset a lot of people, you risked your career, and you risked other things."

"And so, the people who just bought into this hook, line, and sinker, who were selling it every day... They lied to the American public for two years. They did a terrible disservice to this country, to journalism as a profession," he said about those who pushed the Trump-Russia collusion theory. "I think they've done irreparable damage to the faith that the average American is going to have in terms of mainstream journalism. I think it's a blight on our republic on democracy and on our Constitution – that's not going to come undone very quickly."

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