Trump: Need To Investigate Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, And What Happened On That Plane


SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS:  Mr. President, due to testimony, thanks to Georgia Republican Collins, we now have testimony, one thing that shocked me a little bit last week was the testimony of Strzok and Page were both of them suggesting the fix was in on Hillary, because it was being -- every decision was being run through the A.G.'s office.  That means Loretta Lynch, who also met on the tarmac was Bill Clinton, which brings us to a higher level than maybe we once thought. 
Do you have any reaction to that with Loretta Lynch, apparently, according to Strzok and Page, running the show, making decisions for the FBI at the time?  Remember the interaction between Comey and Loretta Lynch when she said it's an investigation and she said, no, it's a matter. 
PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP:  Well, first of all, Doug Collins is fantastic, the job he is doing.  He's been incredible.  I wish he were chairman but he's not.  But we are not off a match. 
I think we will retake the House because they see what we've done and we see the confusion and everything.  All they want to do is investigate and now the investigation is turning out to be something that is not very good. 
And Nancy Pelosi is smart, she's right and what she is saying because, to be honest with you, especially now after this great result, because I didn't know -- you know, you just can't, when you see the people that we are talking about, you just don't know that you are going to get a no collusion answer.  A strong no collusion answer. 
But I will say, I want to thank Doug Collins.  I will also say, you start taking a look at what happened on the tarmac.  A lot of people say a lot of bad things happen on the tarmac between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.  I had a lot of planes for a long time.  I’ve never stopped the plane on the tarmac to let somebody on the plane. 
And then they went and they talked about golf and their grandchildren for 40 minutes.  It doesn't work that way.  What did they talk about?  And then she was exonerated.  She was given one of the great free passes of all time. 
I guess Bill Clinton said he was there to play golf, but I know the area very well, Arizona.  It's a little warm at that time of the year for golf, OK?  People -- a lot of people -- is a great state, I love it, but you are not playing a lot of golf right there at that time. 
So, you have to find out, what happened in the back of that plane that so many things took place after that incident, that meeting between the Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton.  A lot of bad things happened right after that.  You have to find out.
So, there are so many different things, and it's important for our country that those things be determined and found out. 

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