Eric Holder to Trump: "Exactly When Did You Think America Was Great?"


MSNBC: Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, joins Ari Melber for a wide-ranging interview on criminal justice reform, bipartisanship, the Mueller probe and Trump’s administration.

While discussing the criminal justice system, Holder tells Melber that many of the reforms he put in place “were dismantled by Jeff Sessions" and the Trump administration has been "an impediment to progress."

Holder also discusses the Trump slogan of 'Make America Great Again,' posing the question: "When did you think America was great?"

Holder said this "notion of greatness" of an American past "never in fact really existed."

"When I hear these things about let's Make America Great Again, I think to myself, exactly when did you think America was great?" Holder asked. "It certainly wasn't when people were enslaved. It certainly wasn't when women did have the right to vote. It certainly wasn't when the LGBT community was denied the rights to which it was entitled."

"Does that phrase echo as discrimination in your ears?" host Ari Melber asked.

"It takes us back to an American past that never in fact really existed, this notion of greatness," the former Attorney General said. "You know, America has done superb things, great things, and it has been a leader in a whole range of things, but we're always a work in process. Looking back, 'Make America Great Again' is inconsistent with who we are as Americans at our best where we look at the uncertain future, embrace it, and make it our own."

Watch the full interview, via MSNBC:

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