Trump: "The Mueller Report Was Great, It Could Not Have Been Better"


President Trump spoke briefly to members of the press on Capitol Hill Tuesday ahead of a lunch with Senate Republicans:

QUESTION: Some Democrats, sir, are still talking about impeachment. What's your response to that?

TRUMP: I don't think they are talking about impeachment. We have the greatest economy we've ever had. Our country is in incredible shape. They and others created a fraud on our country with this ridiculous witchhunt where it was proven very strongly no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.

We are doing so well. We've never probably had a time of prosperity like this. It's been great.

QUESTION: Do you think the people who launched the investigation into your campaign of treasonous acts, how high up do you think it went?

TRUMP: I think it went very high up. I think what happened is a disgrace. I don't believe our country should allow this ever to happen again. This will never happen again. We cannot let it ever happen again. It went very high up and it started fairly low, but with instructions from the high up. This should never happen to a President again. We can't allow that to take place.

QUESTION: [Do you think it came from] the West Wing of the Obama White House?

TRUMP: I don't want to say that but I think you know the answer.

QUESTION: The report says while he did not commit a crime. It says--.

TRUMP: Who said what?

QUESTION: --what the Mueller report says. According to the department --

TRUMP: The Mueller report was great. It could not have been better. It said no obstruction, no collusion. It could not have been better.

QUESTION: The administration is making very clear that you think the Affordable Care Act is invalid and can be struck down. What is your message to the American (INAUDIBLE)--

TRUMP: Let me just tell you exactly what my message is. The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of healthcare. You watch.

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