Brit Hume: No Soul Searching For Media, They Have Moved On To Following Democratic Party Script


FNC's Brit Hume on the media moving on and not doing any soul-searching after special counsel Robert Mueller found President Trump did not conspire and collude with Russia.

BRIT HUME: This investigation actually goes back to the middle of 2016. It's been going on for quite a long time. And this endless speculation about it and indeed the accusations about it that came out of many mouths on cable television and in the public prints, the list of people who got it wrong is really quite extensive and, you know, to include many news organizations that got the prospect of Donald Trump being elected in the first place badly wrong and seemed not to learn very much from that.

One hopes and expects, perhaps, that after this debacle and that's exactly what it is in the worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime that there will be some serious soul searching. Unfortunately so far, Bret, I'm not seeing a lot of it. I noticed that a lot of our cable news competitors have moved kind of seemlessly on to speculation about obstruction of justice now following so often as they seem to do the Democratic party script. Remarkable.

BRET BAIER: You think it was worse than the Iraq WMD coverage?

HUME: I do because I think the Iraq WMD coverage was driven by intelligence failure. It was not a failure by journalists and people believed Saddam Hussein had WMD because, you know, every intelligence service in the earth basically thought the same thing. Every voice in Congress said the same thing. And you know, and he never really quite denied it in fact, he behaved as if he had them all along. And so, I think that, you know, so reporters and reporters mostly reported what officials were saying about it the officials turned out to be wrong because the intelligence was wrong. A lot of what we saw here was not just reporting.

BAIER: You had so many anonymous sources flying all kinds of things it seemed up a flag pole every day in different papers and then you have former intelligence officials who were hired by cable outlets like the former CIA Director Brennan. The former intelligence director, Clapper who were saying extraordinary things on the air.

HUME: Brennan apparently said something this morning to the effect of well maybe he was misinformed and this didn't turn out quite the way he expected it to. Well, I guess. And, you know, those guys have a lot to answer for too it seems to me. So do the news organizations that credulously put on the air what they had to say over and over and over again without any evidentiary support. It was really quite remarkable.

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