Maxine Waters On Mueller Report: "This Is Not The End Of Anything"


Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters rejected the idea that the end of the Mueller investigation was the end of the investigations into President Trump.

REP. MAXINE WATERS: This president has a way of trying to get into people’s heads and indoctrinate them. He has been saying no collusion, no collusion over and over again for a long time. He’s going try to conclude that this report is proof that there is no collusion and you have a lot of his sycophants who will take the nod from him and they’ll say the same thing.

We can’t allow them to get away with this. He does this all the time.

This is not the end of anything. Well, it is the end of the report and the investigation by Mueller, but those of us who share these committees with our oversight because there is so much that needs to be taken a look at at this point. It is not the end of everything.

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