Maher: Beto O'Rourke "Looks Weak," Needs a 'Sister Souljah Moment' And Stand Up To Radical Left


On Friday's edition of HBO's 'Real Time,' host Bill Maher said Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke looks "weak and ridiculous" for always apologizing. Maher called on O'Rourke to have a "Sister Souljah Moment" and call out the radical left and look like someone who can stand up and be the leader of the country.

MAHER: I like him a lot... but he started off, the campaign, doing nothing but apologizing. I remember saying to him -- I'm not telling this out of school -- I said, you know, how about a Sister Souljah Moment where you stand up to the crazies on the left who are always -- because we saw the tape of the lady saying she welcomes a Trump dictatorship and there are people on the left making Beto O'Rourke apologize because when he was 15 he wrote a story. Just like what I was saying about Chelsea Clinton, what is it with the Democrats that they can't stop apologizing for nothing? He apologized for a story -- he was 15!

Liberal commentator and former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas defended the art of the apology. She said it is about "how you do it" and made a comparison about anti-Semitism and Arab people living in the Middle East and her hope of having a nation of Palestine "one day."

"Can I say something in defense of an apology? I do think there is something nice about apologizing," Farkas expressed. "It's about how you do it. You can say you're sorry, I didn't mean to be anti-Semitic in the language I choose but I wanted to make a point that the Arab people living in Israel and living in the Middle East and what will be Palestine hopefully one day, you know, have rights as well."

"You can stand up for what you believe and show some humility," she added.

Farkas went on to say President Donald Trump is like Hitler because he refuses to apologize.

"Trump doesn't want people to apologize," she said. "This is the thing I worry about. He gets into this 'don't apologize' because it reminds me of Hitler and the 1930s. How did he come to power? He said we're done apologizing. Those Westerners, they want us to apologize for World War I and pay reparations and we're not apologizing."

"Okay, we have to close the apology gap," Maher said. "One guy apologizes for nothing and the Democrats apologize for everything. Excuse me, it's not just how you apologize. Yes, that's important. It's what you choose to apologize for or not to. So far, you know who has my vote? Amy Klobuchar. Because she ain't apologizing."

Maher went on to criticize O'Rourke for the way he apologizes for everything.

"He made a joke that two years he would have been clapped on the back for a self-deprecating comment," Maher explained. "Giving credit to the wife, he said she raised the kids mostly, I helped out a little."

"Not only will I not say that again. I will be more thoughtful going forward in the way that I talk about our marriage. My hamhanded attempt to try to highlight the fact that Amy has the lion's share of the burden of our family (puts finger in throat, mimicking throwing up), he said I hope I have been in some instances part of the problem. I can also be part of the solution," Maher said, quoting O'Rourke.

"What's the other alternative?" Maher said of Trump voters and Democrats. "When they look at stuff like this, they go, The Democrats. They're weak and ridiculous. It looks weak. It doesn't look like someone who you want or think can stand up for you as leader of the country."

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