Brzezinski: Republicans Reaching Out To Me To Say They Are Going To Support Pete Buttigieg


'Morning Joe' co-host Mika Brzezinski told husband Joe Scarborough a number of Republicans have "reached out" to her to say they are going to support Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president.

Jon Meacham said a general election between Trump and Buttigieg would be like Archie Bunker facing off against Aaron Sorkin.

From Thursday's broadcast of 'Morning Joe,' via Newsbusters:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mika, yesterday something happened here that was pretty, pretty interesting. We had Mayor Pete on.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oh, my gosh! That was quite an event.

SCARBOROUGH: And following Mayor Pete, Mika and I, at least, I don't know about you, Willie --


SCARBOROUGH: -- got more texts, more calls, more emails just from [unintelligible] I hadn't talked to since middle school! No, from everybody! This is why I'm not on Facebook, right? No, I don't want to remember what we did in eighth grade. But we just got inundated with calls by people saying, this guy is the real thing. We love Mayor Pete.

BRZEZINSKI: I did. I think there is a hunger for somebody who seems and feels and sounds and looks completely real and connected with what we're looking for: connection to history, A connection to who we are, A connection to faith that is honest and up front. This is who I am and this is what I'm going to bring to the table. And he does it and he -- you know, we did rapid fire with him. Tried lots of different angles, and he was right there for everything. My phone had everything from my Republican sister-in-law to, you know, an extremely far-left best friend, and everybody loved him. And they kept texting me about him all day.

SCARBOROUGH: Got a lot of them. He was so insightful. And I guess the good news is, that actually being insightful, being knowledgeable about the issues, and also having a good, positive spirit, actually still counts for something in politics.


WILLIE GEIST: He is so well versed on so many issues. He had some riff yesterday where he was explaining why politics is more like Homer's Odyssey than Finnegan's Wake. And it went on for -- so he's a --

SCARBOROUGH: I do that and Mika falls asleep.

WILLIE: Well, that's true. It's your delivery really.

BRZEZINSKI: I was surprised by the number of Republicans who reached out to me saying, I'm going to support him, because I'm looking for someone. And I can get behind him.

JON MEACHAM: In pop culture terms this is a little bit like Archie Bunker versus Aaron Sorkin. Archie Bunker is president, so we're going to enjoy the Aaron Sorkin-like presentation.

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