Blumenthal: "There Are Indictments In This President's Future," When He Leaves Office Or Before


"There are indictments in this president's future," Sen. Richard Blumenthal predicted on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Thursday morning. "They're coming. Whether they're after his presidency or during it."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let me ask you about the Mueller report. Do you have information to suggest that the release is imminent?

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL: Nobody knows except Robert Mueller. Nobody really has reliable information about when it's going to come out, and even he may not know when it's going to come out, but one of these days all the predictions will be true and it will come out.

If there is a report -- you know there's some speculation now that he may now simply say, "I did my indictments, read my -- they are speaking indictments. Read the warrants, that's my report."

I hope, and I think he has an obligation, to do more, to actually do a report, putting together all the pieces of the mosaic about the credible case of obstruction of justice that is right now against President Trump, about other crimes that clearly there's evidence he's committed.

SCARBOROUGH: He's indicted dozens of Russians. Isn't it important for us to know what information he has on how the Russians tried, in the words of Homeland Security Secretary, how Vladimir Putin tried to undermine American democracy in 2016 and the still trying to undermine democracy now?

BLUMENTHAL: That is really the critical point here. Even more so now than ever before, according to the intelligence we're receiving, we need to understand what Vladimir Putin and the Trump campaign may have done together, but also the obstruction of justice that was done by the president of the United States in real time.

There are indictments in this president's future. They're coming. Whether they're after his presidency or during it, obviously the Department of Justice has said you cannot indict a sitting president.

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