Kellyanne Conway Says Trump Attacked Her Husband Because The President Is "Protective Of Me"


Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Trump, opened up about the feud between her husband George Conway and the president in an interview Thursday morning with FBN's Maria Bartiromo:

MARIA BARTIROMO: Your boss calling your husband a whack job. What's going on?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Well, my husband also has been very critical of the president publicly, which is unlike him just because he's traditionally been a very private person. In 2016, which was known as the year of the tweet, George Conway sent exactly zero tweets. So this is new.

And what also is new is not supporting the agenda of the president and my work there because when George took himself out of contention for a top job in the Department of Justice almost two years ago now, he put out a public statement that many in the media refused to cover now, which is that he does -- we've decided as a family it's not the right time for both of us to have big jobs in the federal government. That he'll stay in the private sector and that -- that he still supports the president, the work of the administration and, of course, his, quote, wonderful wife. So I think in their descriptions of me, what George Conway said and what Donald Trump said are the same.

I appreciate the president defending what he thinks is unfairness. I'll leave that up to him.

I was raised, though, in a household of strong Italian Catholic women who taught me that you air grievances like that in private. So it is very surprising to see it be so public...

BARTIROMO: This was the first time the president actually hit back, right? I mean the president hasn't said anything.

CONWAY: He's -- he's protective -- he's protective of me and he -- and that's what people really should take from this is that I'm -- I'm not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job. Donald Trump has never made -- the president has never made me feel that way, Maria. I know George is quoted recently as saying I don't -- I wish she didn't work there.

BARTIROMO: So does he want you to step down, George? Does George say --

CONWAY: Certainly. Certainly. But what message would that send to the feminists everywhere who pretend they're independent thinkers and men don't make decisions for them. I -- they can talk it and I can walk it. I can live it.

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