Bartiromo Interviews Trump: "John McCain Is Dead, Why Are You Doing This?"


FBN: FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo asks President Trump about his criticisms toward former Senator John McCain in an interview that will air in full on Friday. Trump said he doesn't bring it up, "people ask me the question." (Full interview below.)

MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX BUSINESS: You spent a good portion of your time in Ohio the other day trashing John McCain. Senator John McCain is dead. Why are you doing this?

PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP: It's not a good portion of my time, it's a small portion. But if you realize about three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the FBI the fake news dossier. It was a fake, it was a fraud. It was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They gave it to John McCain who gave it to the FBI.

BARTIROMO: But Mr. President, he's dead and he can not punch back. And when you punch back, he's dead.

TRUMP: No. I don't talk about it. People ask me the question. I didn't bring this up, you just brought it up. You asked the question... He was horrible with what he did with repeal and replace. What he did to the Republican party and to the nation and to sick people who could have had great healthcare, was not good. So I'm not a fan of John McCain and that's fine.

Full interview:

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