Tom Bevan: Supreme Court Will Have To Decide If Social Media Companies Are Neutral Platforms Or Content Publishers


RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan joins FBN's Maria Bartiromo to discuss Rep. Devin Nunes' lawsuit against Twitter.

TOM BEVAN, RCP: This is the beginning of the debate that we've been having, the legal struggle over questions about free speech, and questions about whether these companies are in fact private companies and neutral platforms, or whether they are content publishers. And should they be treated like public utilities? Is this the new digital town square that some voices are being shut out of? I think this is the beginning of a long struggle.

As to the particulars of Devin Nunes' case, we'll have to see what the courts think, but I think we will see this before the Supreme Court eventually, because it is a question that, certainly conservatives have felt, this is something that has been directed against them. You don't see this sort of behavior directed toward liberals is what conservatives will always say.

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