Chris Matthews to Cory Booker: Would A President Booker Pardon Donald Trump?


MSNBC host Chris Matthews grills Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) if he would pardon Donald Trump as President Cory Booker. The Democratic candidate for president asked the MSNBC host what crimes the president has been convicted of. Matthews told Booker he must believe that Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice.

MATTHEWS: Jerry Ford pardoned Richard Nixon. Would you consider pardoning Trump if you took the presidency?


MATTHEWS: Why? You said you want to unite the country. Wouldn't that unite the country?

BOOKER: You're pushing me through a lot of hypotheticals here.

MATTHEWS: You're running for president. If you're president, would you pardon your predecessor?

BOOKER: What has he been convicted of?

MATTHEWS: Let's start with obstruction of justice. You've got to believe that is in play here. He fired his FBI Director because he wouldn't swear his allegiance to him on the issues that he's being investigated on. He gets rid of his attorney general because he recused himself on the issues he was being investigated on.

BOOKER: This is the problem that a lot of -- this is why our justice system has lost so much legitimacy...

MATTHEWS: So you wouldn't pardon Trump in general and you're not willing to say he obstructed justice yet.

BOOKER: I'm going to wait for the Mueller report.

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