Brit Hume: Journalists Believe Trump Presidency A National Emergency, Have Duty As Patriots To Resist It


Brit Hume reacts to Ted Koppel's recent take on news coverage of President Donald Trump is "unmistakably true." In an interview earlier this month, the legendary ABC News anchor said the "establishment press" is out to get the president.

"We are not the reservoir of objectivity that I think we were," Koppel lamented in the interview.

Hume said the "old school" Koppel is absolutely correct and the line between news and opinion has become "increasingly blurred" under the Trump presidency.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: I don't think of Ted Koppel as a conservative figure at all. But he just said something that I think many on the left will hate. Is it true and why did he say it do you think?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS: I think it's unmistakably true. I did work with him for many years. He's old school much as I am. We come out of the same tradition, which is neutrality in news coverage, opinions reserved for columnists and editorial writers and in broadcast journalism, you have certain commentators and you have correspondents who cover the news.

Those lines of separation have become increasingly blurred and in the age of Trump, as Kopell suggested, they've gone completely out the window because of the sense among journalists that the election of Donald Trump constituted a national emergency and it was their duty as patriots to resist it and to do all that they could to undo this presidency, which they have assiduously tried to do and we see it reflected constantly.

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