Cenk Uygur: Trump Could Say "I'm Black" And Cable News Would Have A Debate On It


Cenk Uygur expresses his disgust at cable news outlets for debating everything President Trump says and takes a 'both sides' approach. The Young Turks reports:

"He is filled with bigotry. It's not a debate," Cenk Uygur said on The Young Turks while talking about Donald Trump's response to the mass shooting in New Zealand and Kellyanne Conway's claims that Trump condemns bigotry and hate.

"There isn't anything that Trump could do or say that cable news wouldn't debate," Uygur said, referencing Trump's Fifth Ave. comments, "he could say 'you know what I'm Black' and his supporters would go on cable news and go 'orange is the new black, of course he is' and they'll have a debate!" ...

"Remember, after the hate march in Charlottesville, Virginia, he felt the need to refer to 'some of those individuals' as 'very fine people,'" Kasparian added, "he stokes fear and encourages violence against minority groups on a regular basis. To say that he condemns hate and evil is ridiculous." She then rolled video examples of Trump going after the Muslim community.

Watch Uygur and co-host Ana Kasparian talk about it in the video above.

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