Dem Rep. Harley Rouda: Mueller Probe Is Only One Of Three Investigations Into Trump Administration


California Democrat Rep. Harley Rouda tells FNC's Maria Bartiromo that he voted for the public release of the Mueller report because the American public deserves transparency.

MARIA BARTIROMO: So, you voted for the Mueller report to be public. Was that a political stunt?

REP. HARLEY ROUDA: No, I don't think it was a political stunt at all.

What we saw leading up to that vote was the president making -- suggesting that perhaps it didn't need to be released, and concerns with the answers by the attorney general to be spot on in saying it would be released.

And Congress did what it's supposed to do, take action to make sure that this very important information that the public really wants to see and provide the appropriate transparency into that investigation is into the hands for all of us to digest, understand and contemplate what needs to take place next.

BARTIROMO: So what do you think about all of this that has taken place?

I would imagine, whether you're on the right or on the left, you want to make sure that our democracy stays secure and stays truthful. These cabal of people, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others, Andrew McCabe, who has gotten criminal referrals, they put their finger on the scale to change the election and take down a duly elected president.

You have seen all of the evidence. What can you tell us?

ROUDA: Well, you're right. We look at that evidence, and it does require additional due diligence and investigation.

But, also, we can't use bad actors from the Clinton administration or otherwise as justification for not doing our job if there are bad acts taking place under the current administration.

We are required, under the Constitution, to provide oversight. And I sometimes feel like this is like middle school kids that are trying to justify their behavior by pointing to past behavior of others and saying, well, they did it too, so I'm allowed to do it, or why are you picking on me, when you should be looking back at them?

BARTIROMO: Yes, I think that's a fair point, yes.

ROUDA: All of this needs appropriate oversight.

BARTIROMO: But we're looking at the oversight of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and, yes, you're going back several years in terms of looking -- looking in the backdrop.

But was Hillary Clinton treated the way that you would like to see someone who did exhibit gross negligence with classified information? Was she treated fairly? Was that investigation a fair one?

ROUDA: Well, I just got to Congress. So I will point this out.

Republicans have held the House for the last 10 years. They have had oversight authority.

BARTIROMO: That's a good point.

ROUDA: They had full authority to oversee that investigation of the emails and Hillary Clinton.


ROUDA: And look at what's concluded.

There were no indictments. There were no convictions. And you look at what's going on, the Mueller investigation. We almost have 40 convictions and indictments already, and the report hasn't even been released. So, it's good that we're having appropriate due diligence.

BARTIROMO: But, just to be clear, those convictions -- those convictions have nothing to do with collusion or Donald Trump.

ROUDA: That's correct. That's exactly correct.

So that's why we need to get through the report. And, by the way, you also need to remember too that the Mueller report is only one of three investigations going on right now. And it's focused primarily on what transpired during the campaign.

You also have what's going on in the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of Virginia. So we tend to focus on the Mueller report being released, and that that is going to answer all questions. It's not. It's one of three major investigations going on.

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