Schumer: Trump's 2020 Budget Is A "Slap In The Face" To Hardworking Americans


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks out against President Donald Trump's budget proposal on the floor of the Senate.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: So, President Trump put out his budget yesterday. It says, "promises kept." That's one of the biggest lies I've ever seen, because if you look at the booklet, it's promises broken.

The president said he would never cut Medicare and Medicaid. He slashes them. $845 billion cut to Medicare, $1.5 trillion cut to Medicaid. The president says he believes in a strong infrastructure bill.

Promises kept? This bill cuts transportation by over 20%. The president said that education is the civil rights of this generation.

Promises kept? The president cuts education dramatically.

On issue after issue after issue, the president's budget shows the real President Trump and how far away he is from the promises he makes to the working people of America. Many of them are catching on and many more will. And this budget will be a way to show them who the president is.

And even worse, not even worse, but compounding the injury, huge giveaways to the wealthy. More tax breaks to the wealthiest of Americans at a time when income distribution is getting more and more skewed to the top. So much of the wealth of America and even the income of America goes to the top few. To have a budget that hurts the middle class, that hurts those trying to struggle to get to the middle class and makes it even easier for the wealthy to garner even more money, how out of touch is this budget?

So I repeat my challenge. Leader McConnell, this is your president. You seem to go along with him. Put this budget on the floor. Let's see if even a single Republican will vote for it. I'd like to ask every one of my 53 Republican colleagues. How many of you will say I support this budget? I bet not one. Not one.

So this budget is a slap in the face to every American who has worked hard every day, paid his or her taxes, expects Medicare in retirement, expects some way to afford health care before retirement.

President Trump's budget is inhumane. We Democrats will fight it and fight these heartless cuts at every single turn.

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