Tucker Carlson To "Birth Strike" Activist: Have Some Kids, It'll Make You Happier


"Birth Strike" co-founder Blythe Pepino explains why she believes it is immoral to have children in the age of climate change on FNC's "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

"Birth Strike isn't about trying to stop other people from having children," she explained. "We feel too afraid to have kids because we feel that we are heading towards civilization breakdown as a result of the environmental crisis, and the mismanagement or political inertia in dealing with it."

"Where we are now is incredibly frightening, and what I discovered when I made the decision and started talking about it to other young women around me is we felt that we had lost faith in the system and the authorities because they weren't really dealing with the situation. They weren't managing the threat properly that we've been told about. So, it is quite sad, but at the same time, Birth Strike is a hopeful act. What we're trying to say is: Come on, we've got two options. We either unite collectively behind action on this immediately, because we're already heading towards the collapse, or we consign ourselves to, it sounds crazy but it is true, extinction," Pepino added.

"I've been concerned about the environment for a long time, but I got distracted by my career, and just being a young person, living the life that I saw other people doing on television that seemed to be the right thing to do, and the last few years I just kept reading more and more things. And then last year with the IPCC report that came out, and then the Met report, things have been corroborated by 99% of the scientific community, if not all sane scientists. it is pretty incontrovertible now, I would say," she explained.

"What you're describing sounds very much like a religious conversion," host Tucker Carlson interjected. "And the life you're living seems almost a monastic life, has that occurred to you? You're giving up family for the cause."

"This is my way of saying, come on, humanity, we've got two options: We're either going to commit some kind of species suicide by ignoring the issue because we're too afraid, or we're going to unite together and at least try and manage some of the collapse that's predicted in a sensible and rational way."

"We just met, it is a little early for me to be giving you advice," Carlson said. "I think you should have children, I think they solve a lot of problems and put things in perspective."

"We don't have time," Pepino said.

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