Richard Haass: American Jewish Community Is Split Over Support For Netanyahu, Trump


Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass joins MSNBC's "Morning Joe" to discuss the president's claim that Democrats have become an anti-Jewish party. Haass says it is more complicated than that and that the American Jewish community is "split" between those who primarily vote in the interest of Israel and those who "vote on the basis of the whole range of political issues."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It is interesting what is happening in Israel right now. [Prime Minister] Netanyahu is embracing Donald Trump, Donald Trump did talk about moving the embassy to Jerusalem and moved in that direction, after presidents of both parties have been promising to do so for years. But the sentiment not only towards Trump but towards Netanyahu in the American Jewish community is more than split.

RICHARD HAASS, CFR: The American Jewish community is split. There’s a percentage, I think probably a minority, that is strongly backing Bibi Netanyahu and will largely vote here on the basics of policy towards Israel. And there's, I think, a larger percentage of American Jewry that will vote on the basis of the whole range of political issues.

But there is a lot of support. It’s interesting, what Bibi Netanyahu is doing, Joe. It’s not just the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, it’s also the anti-Iranian policy. Essentially, he is getting as close as he can to Trump, but also because of the so-called peace process, the idea of working with the Saudis and others. There’s a real paralleling between Bibi Netanyahu’s position on big issues and the Trump White House.

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