Brennan: No Doubt That Trump Will Pardon Paul Manafort At Some Point


Former CIA Director John Brennan said on MSNBC's 'MTP Daily' Monday that President Trump will pardon Paul Manafort. Brennan also predicted that Republicans will stick with Trump "through thick and thin" if Democrats in the House begin impeachment proceedings.

"Personally, I don't have any doubt that Mr. Trump will is going to pardon Paul Manafort at some point. The question is when. But then if he is also convicted of state charges, Donald Trump is not going to be able to pardon him for that. So I do believe that Paul Manafort will be able to get out of the federal charges because what does Donald Trump have to lose if he pardons him?" Brennan said.

"That's a significant statement, that you have no doubt he is going to pardon him," host Katy Tur reacted.

"Whether or not it is when he is leaving office. Whenever. But he has spoken highly of. He says he's a good man. He feels this whole investigation has been a lark and has been a witch hunt. And so why would Donald Trump allow him to stay in jail if those were his views?" Brennan said.

Brennan was asked if he believes the president will also pardon former national security advisor Mike Flynn.

"Anything is possible with Donald Trump," the former CIA director said. "I think he uses these powers as he wants to and as he believes is going to help him personally."

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