ABC's Terry Moran: Media And Democrats Face "Reckoning" If Mueller Finds No Collusion


ABC's chief national correspondent Terry Moran warned Sunday that if special counsel Robert Mueller finds no evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, Democrats and the media will face a "huge... reckoning."

"How big a deal is it if they don’t find collusion for the president?" "This Week" host Martha Raddatz asked Moran.

"Huge," said Moran. "He’s cleared."

"If Robert Mueller comes back, Mueller became a folk hero in the United States, [played on SNL by] Robert DeNiro... The central and most serious question in this investigation, the reason Robert Mueller started it: Did the current president of the United States assist the Kremlin in an attack on our democracy?"

"And if Mueller, after two years, comes back and says, 'I don’t have the evidence to support that charge,' that’s a reckoning," he continued. "That’s a reckoning for progressives and Democrats who hoped that Mueller would essentially erase the 2016 election. It’s a reckoning for the media. It’s a reckoning across the country if in fact after all this time there was no collusion."

Watch the full segment in which ABC News Chief Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas and Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran discuss the latest in the Mueller probe, including Paul Manafort's sentence of less than four years, Via ABC's "This Week":

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