McCabe: "Shocked" By "Incredibly Lenient" Prison Sentence For Paul Manafort


Former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said he was "shocked" that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sentenced to only 47 months in prison for a variety of financial crimes.

"Like most people, I was shocked by how lenient the sentence was," McCabe said on CBS's "Face The Nation."

MARGARET BRENNAN: Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sentenced this week. He will also face sentencing in a D.C. court in the days to come. He was given 47 months, far less than what is the sentencing guideline of up to 20 plus years? Is the length of time he will serve matching the crimes he’s being accused of?

ANDREW MCCABE: Well I was really surprised by the sentence he was given. I think it’s an incredibly lenient sentence in light not just of the offenses he was convicted for but the additional offenses that he has pled guilty to in D.C. and the offenses he’s acknowledged essentially, in the sentencing process in Virginia, that he is responsible for. So like most people I was shocked by how lenient the sentence was.

BRENNAN: So it sounds like you’re predicting that the D.C. court may add to those 47 months?

MCCABE: Well there’s no question he’s going to get additional time from D.C. I don’t think it’s probably the job of the D.C. courts to rectify a mistake or something that was done in another jurisdiction. I’m sure that Judge Jackson will approach her sentence with just keeping her eye on the facts of that case but there’s no doubt he’ll get additional time from that process.

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