CNN's Brian Stelter: Why Would Democrats Even Consider Letting FOX News Host A Debate?


Sunday on CNN's "Reliable Source," host Brian Stelter asked Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell why the DNC even considered letting FOX News host a 2020 presidential primary debate.

"Yeah, they have a news division. But it’s relatively small compared to the huge opinion division, which has the highest rated shows," said Stelter. "Both exist. But it’s getting really uncomfortable for both to exist in that same body. Why would Democrats have even considered going on Fox in the first place? For a debate, I mean."

"Well, I think that Democrats want to attract as many people as possible, so I think that’s why it might have been under consideration," said Dowdell. "But here’s the reality. Democrats have not been participating or having Fox News as a media partner in debates prior to this decision this time around. It should not be surprising and it should not be the least bit controversial that Democrats made this decision. It is a rational decision based on facts and cold hard reality."

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