Bret Baier Urges Democrats To Reconsider Fox News Ban; "Fox Derangement Syndrome"


On Sunday morning’s edition of FNC's "MediaBuzz," host Howard Kurtz interviewed fellow network host Bret Baier about the DNC's decision not to allow Fox to host a 2020 primary debate. Baier blamed "Fox Derangement Syndrome" for the decision, saying that when he moderated a town hall-style debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in 2016, "both sides said they thought it was tough but fair."

Baier said he was "disappointed" and "I hope they will reconsider."

"We have a long track record of being tough but fair to Republicans, Democrats, independents, whatever. Three years ago this week, I was doing a town hall with Secretary Clinton and Sen. Sanders -- both campaigns said they thought it was tough but fair."

"Chris Wallace has been touted as a great general election debate moderator, he got a lot of praise from both sides," Baier said.

"The loudest critics of Fox are often the people who don't watch," the FNC anchor also said. "and I say, watch my show three times and drop me an email... and the people who do say that they get it, they think it is fair."

"There is a disconnect here... There is a bit of Fox derangement syndrome with a section of the left," Baier said. "There are a lot of candidates and a lot of people in the Democratic Party who realize the power of the viewership and the power of the fairness of the news operation. But often they are drowned out by the loud voices on the left side of the party."

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