Andrew Gillum Defends Ilhan Omar's Comments As "Appropriate" And "Legitimate"


Andrew Gillum, who ran for Florida governor as a Democrat in 2018 and is now a CNN contributor, defended Rep. Ilhan Omar against charges of anti-Semitism on CNN's "New Day" Thursday morning.

"I do believe that it is fair for us to engage in a real conversation and debate around special interests' influence on U.S. foreign policy," Gillum said. "I think it is appropriate for members of Congress to talk about foreign policy in the U.S. relationship with other countries. I think that is wholly appropriate."

"The problem, however, is we've got to do a better job of not allowing the name calling to distract from what are important public policy debates. She's got to make an atonement and make sure, and I'm sure she has figured this out, there are some supporters of hers that she's angered through this process, and people who have been hurt by it when her intention was not to do so. You have to govern your language much more appropriately."

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