Sarah Sanders to Senate: If You Had Done Your Job, President Would Not Need To Declare Emergency


Speaking on 'Fox & Friends' Wednesday morning, WH press secretary Sarah Sanders calls it "absolutely outrageous" that Democrats are launching investigations into the president instead of solving the country's problems and speaks out about Republicans in the Senate who are set to pass a bill disputing the president's right to declare a national emergency

"It is an absolute embarrassment that members of Congress are using all of their time and resources into attacking the president when they should be looking at trying to solve problems that this country has, like the president is doing," Sanders said. "They should follow his example of coming to work every day and looking at how they can help the American people, not how they can attack this president."

Sanders addresses GOP senators who plan to vote against the national emergency declaration:

SARAH SANDERS: Look, my message to that group is to do your job. If you had done what you were elected to do on the front end then the president would not have to fix this on his own through a national emergency. The president has the absolute authority, in fact, he has a duty to call a national emergency to fix the crisis that we have going on at our border. As you just said 76,000 illegal individuals came across our border just last month alone. That would fill MetLife stadium – I’m a bigger Razor Back fan but I like to use that analogy – but that is a massive number of people coming across our border. If that doesn't define crisis, I don't know what does and that is something that we have to address. Congress should have fixed this problem. The president tried multiple times to get Congress to work with him, to address the crisis, they failed to do so, and now the president has to do what is absolutely necessary and what is right and that is declare a national emergency and fix the crisis at the border.

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