Carl Cannon: Weekly Churchgoers More Likely To Believe The American Dream Is Alive And Well


Carl Cannon, Washington Bureau chief for RealClearPolitics, joins EWTN's "News Nightly" to discuss a new poll from RealClear Opinion Research which asked American voters how they felt about the American Dream in the 21st Century. Read more about the poll here.

Cannon discussed one finding of the poll showing that 33% of Catholic Americans said they believe the American Dream is "alive and well," as opposed to only 27% among the general population.

"And among people who go to church once a week, it is even more, it is up to 37%, of people who say the American dream is alive and well," he noted. "Among people who go to church more than once a week, Roman Catholics and Evangelical protestants, 47%, almost twice as many [say the American dream is alive and well]."

About the 7% of respondents who said the American dream is "dead" and the majority who say it is "under threat," Cannon explained: "They've been subjected to a lot of bad news lately. A lot of, in this era that we're in, very partisan news. If you say things are okay, they say, 'Oh, you're okay with Trump?' I didn't say that, I said I believe in the American dream. There's a lot going on, we're still in a war... For people to say that the American dream is under stress makes some sense."

"Remember the old bumper sticker, if you had a conservative friend, 'Annoy A Liberal -- Work Hard And Be Happy'? That was the stereotype, but if you look at this poll by John Della Volpe and RealClearPolitics, it is not that simple. People in urban areas who voted Democratic tend to believe more in the American dream. Some of the people being left behind are not just leftists or immigrants, some of them are people in these Rust Belt states," he continued.

"Looking at this poll, I was reminded that in 'Make America Great Again,' that word 'Again' is important, we tend to forget it," Cannon explained. "Some of these people in small towns and rural areas didn't score as high on this as people in urban areas. That makes me think some of these people who voted for the president felt, as we knew they did in these Rust Belt states, left behind. The American dream for them, not that it is dead, but it is under stress."

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