Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Adam Schiff Is A Modern Day Joe McCarthy


FNC: House Democrats announce new investigation into President Trump; reaction from House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Congressman, good to see you. Thank you for being with us.

Let's start -- well, let's start with Adam Schiff --


HANNITY: -- because you believe that he's met his own standard as it relates to recusal in the investigation, which apparently, the Mueller investigation is not going the way he wants.

MCCARTHY: Well, there's a lot of questions. And Schiff actually laid out a couple of years ago that anybody that shows a conflict of interest or disbelief has to recuse themselves. There's a couple of questions for him.

Schiff, when we are trying to find out who paid for this dossier, he fought. So, we could not find out. It was the Democratic Party that paid the Russians for the dossier.

Then now we find out that Schiff met with Glenn Simpson, who is the cofounder of Fusion GPS, who remember, Nellie Ohr, worked, the wife of Ohr over at the Department of Justice, and at the time he met with him, the committee wanted to relook at him based upon the testimony Glenn Simpson had given. So, did Schiff talk to Simpson about that, what the committee wanted to look at?

Now we find out in the Michael Cohen that Schiff talked to him. We want to know, did staff meet with him? Did he tamper with the witness? Did he try to direct the witness? How many did they meet? What did they talk about?

HANNITY: Did they say that they talk about what issues would come up, the topics?

MCCARTHY: Schiff has not said so. These are questions he needs to answer. The other thing that's very interesting, when Glenn Simpson came before the committee, you know what Adam Schiff did at the end? He asked Glenn Simpson to direct the committee if on where they should go with the investigation -- the men who created all this.

Then the most outrageous thing I found in that whole Michael Cohen hearing, remember why this whole Mueller investigation is going forward, this whole thing of collision, it is all based upon the belief that Michael Cohen went to Prague to meet with the Russians. Michael Cohen said he did not.

So the foundation for why we are even in the investigation in the first place has been thrown apart.

HANNITY: What did you think, Congressman --


HANNITY: -- what did you think of the tape I just played? Now in that tape, Adam Schiff believed he was talking to a Russian operative, who had compromising material in Donald Trump. It sounded to me an awful lot like on tape him colluding with the Russians to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Maybe I heard it wrong, but that's what I heard. I'm wondering what you heard.

MCCARTHY: Well, remember what else we know about Adam Schiff. Before this investigation even began, he said he had proof and evidence. Now, I'm not related to Joe McCarthy but Adam Schiff is a modern-day Joe McCarthy, somebody who claims something and never has delivered.

But the one thing he has delivered on, protecting Fusion GPS, he didn't want us to know that they -- the Democrats paid for the Russians to have this false dossier. He protected Glenn and met with him when others did not know. And did he tell him that the committee was concerned about his own testimony?

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