Rep. Devin Nunes: Slander, Libel, Disinformation Campaign By Media Needs to Be Dealt With


Rep. Devin Nunes talked about a "disinformation campaign" by Democrats, the media and the DOJ to "spread numerous fake news stories" about the various Russia probes going on.

"That's going to have to be dealt with too, this disinformation campaign. The slander and the libel will all have to be dealt with," Nunes said in an interview with FNC's Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

MARIA BARTIROMO, HOST 'SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES': Senator Graham has been with us many times over the last several weeks. And he said he's doing a deep dive. He's going to bring the necessary people to testify. In fact, he's going to interview definitely the people who signed the FISA warrant.

So as you wrap up your investigation, you have got these 32 names you want to interview. You have got, number two, declassification. Are we ever going to see declassification for some of the documents that you think are most important to educate the American people about this?


There's really five areas, the interviews we just talked about. There's the criminal referrals that have to be made. There's the declassification, radical declassification. We need to have declassification across from everyone we interview to everyone that Mueller interviewed.

Then we're going to have to have a fundamental FISA reform. We can never again let the FISA process be used to target political campaigns, right? We can't let our intelligence capabilities be targeted and pointed at political campaigns.

BARTIROMO: Yes, they went to the FISA court. And they said, look, we have this dirty dossier, and that's the reason that we're going to spy on the Trump campaign, essentially.

NUNES: Yes, and not only that. Not only did they get a warrant to get into somebody's e-mails on the campaign and get -- to be able to suck all that up, e-mails and listen to phone calls and all of that.

They also opened a counterintelligence investigation into a political campaign. Now, these are tools that are supposed to be used to go after terrorists, you know, the people that destroyed the buildings here in New York.

And then the final thing that we have to deal with is, the media was involved in all of this, this disinformation campaign. They were given the dossier, and they spread it out. They spread numerous fake news stories about myself, the work that we were doing on the committee, many members on our committee, staff on our committee.

That's going to have to be dealt with too, this disinformation campaign. The slander and the libel will all have to be dealt with.

BARTIROMO: You're saying you're going to deal with the misinformation out there. How do you deal with that? You have referred to them in the past as tech oligarchs to me.


So, there's two ways that they're doing it. So, the fake news media, they're putting out fake news stories. Sometimes, it comes from the Democrats, right, and the dossier. They feed it to the media. The media runs a story

And then the numerous tech companies out there that are really controlling what all Americans see, right? So, what these tech companies have become is, they try to pretend they're not, but they're content developers. They're developing content, OK, through two ways, one, algorithms. So they're controlling what you and I see when we get on our device.

So for them to say that they're not developing content is nonsense. The other thing that they're doing is, they're monetizing this. So there are some people that will not get rewarded. Like, if you're a conservative out there putting conservative videos together, you're not going to get money for that, right? People are not going to advertise on that.


NUNES: So, all this has -- has got to be dealt with, I think, in the future.

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