Maxine Waters: Deutsche Bank Is Cooperating With House Dems To Investigate Trump Money Laundering


Rep. Maxine Waters, chair of the House Finance Committee, told MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Friday that when it comes to Deutsche Bank -- Trump's longtime lender -- she's very concerned about "money laundering." She also revealed for the first time that the bank is cooperating with Congressional inquiries.

REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA), CHAIR, FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMITTEE: As you know, we started sending letters to Deutsche Bank last year. And they would not respond to because they did not feel that we had the authority to demand anything from them, the documents that we wanted. But now that I'm chairing that committee, and the Democrats are in charge of the House, they have said they will cooperate.

We have people that are going up to New York to sit with these people and to go over our document request and we're going to find out a lot about Deutsche Bank and that bank's relationship to the president.

We are very concerned about money laundering. We know that Deutsche Bank has had a reputation for money laundering for a long time.

And it's the only bank that would really deal with the president. The other banks said hands off. They had enough of him. His bankruptcies, he's suing, you know, even Deutsche Bank.

And so, Deutsche Bank is, you know, the bank that he's been dealing with and his family have been dealing with Deutsche Bank. They all I think have loans, big loans from Deutsche Bank. So, we're really interested in his finances.

And they have done reviews. We want to know what those reviews tell them about what he's doing.

HAYES: So, you have staffers that are coordinating with, I imagine, attorneys at Deutsche Bank on document production right now?

WATERS: Yes, I do.

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