John Podhoretz: In Some Ways, Cohen Testimony Helped Trump On The Russia Collusion Question


On NBC's "Meet The Press" roundtable on Sunday, John Podhoretz, the editor of Commentary magazine, said that despite Michael Cohen's lies, President Trump came out of Wednesday's Congressional hearing better off on the question of Russia collusion.

JOHN PODHORETZ, COMMENTARY MAGAZINE: Okay. So Michael Cohen, if the SDNY, Southern District of New York or whatever hadn't broken down the door of his hotel room in the Regency Hotel, you know, in the summer of 2018, would he have said these words that he said this week?

Of course not. He threw himself on the mercy of the world that hates Trump having spent ten years doing nothing but defending Trump. So his, you know, his moralistic attack on Trump has to be taken with, you know, not a grain of salt, but a mountain of salt.

Having said that, the weird thing I think about the Cohen testimony is that despite Jim Jordan saying he was a terrible liar, in some ways he helped Trump on the larger question of Russia and impeachment by saying that Trump did not formally -- did not say, 'I want you to lie to Congress,' by saying that he had attempted to purchase the videotapes mentioned in the dossier and had decided from that experience that they did not exist so, you know, that and a couple of other things. As somebody who said I hate Trump now and he's terrible and everything is terrible, and if he is such a confirmed liar, why didn't he say Trump told me to lie? If he'd said it, Trump would be subject to the possible charge of subornation of perjury, but he didn't say it.

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