Trump: Michael Cohen "Lied About So Many Things," "But He Said No Collusion"


FNC's Sean Hannity interviewed President Trump following his summit with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam about why he walked away from negotiations and regarding the testimony of his former lawyer Michael Cohen:

President Trump on Michael Cohen:

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: Two-part question. Number one, what do you have to say about things that he was saying? And number two, what about the Democrats? I thought -- I thought politics stopped at the water’s edge of America, but not today.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think maybe more than anything else, the fact that they held it today were I’m working on something that is very, very important for the world, not only our country, for the world, was really inappropriate. The Democrats, the hatred is so incredible, and they couldn’t help themselves, and that’s the way it is.

As far as Cohen is concerned, he’s convicted. He’s a liar. He’s defrauded at a high level. He’s got a lot of problems.

And, you know, it was very interesting because he lied so much. I watched some of it. I actually was able to watch some of it.

He lied so much, and yet he said, when it came to collusion, the whole hoax with the Russia collusion --


TRUMP: -- just a witch hunt hoax, and very -- by the way, very, very bad for our country, because it really stops you from doing what you’re supposed to do.

HANNITY: He said no collusion.

TRUMP: He said no collusion. And I said, it’s funny, he lied about so many things, and yet he could have said -- he might as well lie about that one, too. But he said no collusion.

And everybody said no collusion. Richard Burr, Senator Burr said no collusion. Senate Intelligence, the House has come up, as you know, the committee, Devin Nunes and all, they said no collusion.

And yet, it goes on and on and --

HANNITY: Two years.

TRUMP: Two -- yes, I guess more than that.

HANNITY: But there was collusion --

TRUMP: It really was -- look, when you think of it, it was really from the time I came down on the escalator with Melania. I came down on the escalator and I think it started just shortly after that. It is a terrible thing, and hopefully, people will get -- because no president should have to have that happened to them. It’s so bad for the country.

It’s a hoax. It’s just a terrible witch hunt. And it shouldn’t happen to another president.

And yet, I think I’ve been the most successful --

HANNITY: On a day like today.

TRUMP: I think I’ve been the most successful president in the first two years of office. If you look at the tax cuts and regulation cuts and all of the things that you say so nicely on many of your shows. But you look at what we’ve done for the vets and what we’ve done for the military, $716 billion, and all of the things that we’ve done. I mean, it’s been a tremendous administration.

But we always have to -- we have to always fight this hoax that’s going on. It’s a shame. It’s a very sad thing for our country.

HANNITY: You know, I was kind of dragged in a little bit into the Michael Cohen issue. I interviewed him many times on radio and TV.

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: He was never my attorney. He did apologize to me for his attorney saying that in court, and I can tell you personally, he said to me at least a dozen times, that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you --


HANNITY: -- told me, personally.

TRUMP: No, he did. And he made a decision.

And remember this, he’s an attorney. Whatever decision he makes, you’re supposed to rely on an attorney to make a decision.

Somebody said -- one of the very good Republican members today said that -- you know, he’s supposed to be an attorney. He’s out there doing all sorts of things. When you’re -- when you have an attorney, you’re supposed to be able to rely on your attorney.

HANNITY: Attorney-client privilege?

TRUMP: Well -- but it’s also called reliance. He just was not much of an attorney, that I will tell you.

But he went up today and a lot of people thought he was very bad. I watched some of it, I thought it was -- I thought it was a terrible display of dishonesty, actually.

HANNITY: I actually thought, as I watched it, there’s a criminal referral as a result of today, by Congressman Mark Meadows.

TRUMP: Yes, I heard that.

HANNITY: And maybe some inconsistencies, and I think the Democrats in that sense didn’t care at all about Michael Cohen, who they were calling a liar a long time ago.

The Mueller report, next week we expect it.

TRUMP: Right.

HANNITY: And based on Burr --

TRUMP: I mean, I don’t know that for a fact but, right --


TRUMP: Based on Senator Burr and Devin Nunes and everybody that’s looked at it, including Michael Cohen -- no collusion. And, you know, this was all about collusion with Russia, the collusion delusion.

And it’s a shame, but it’s just one of those things. You live with it, you win it. So, I hope it’s going to be an honest report. If it isn’t, we fight it, very strongly, we fight it. Because when you look at what happened at the FBI at the top levels with McCabe, and the dishonesty, Comey and the dishonesty --

HANNITY: James Baker had said he thought Hillary should be indicted.

TRUMP: That’s right. James Baker, he was another one who was dismissed.

You look at Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page, and you look at what went on with that whole deal with the insurance policy. The insurance policy just in case she loses.

I will tell you, it’s a very dishonest group of people and it’s -- I’ve done -- I’ve done a great service for this country by exposing it. When you look at what happened there and at Justice, and they call it Justice, but it hasn’t been justice.

When you take a look at what’s gone on, I’m very proud of the fact that, you know, we’ve exposed a lot of people. It’s like 12, somebody said much more than that now.


TRUMP: And this is great dishonesty at a very high level. We can’t let that happen to our country.

HANNITY: We have equal justice under the law, equal application of our laws. And we had a Russian dossier --


HANNITY: -- to influence the American people --


HANNITY: -- against you.


HANNITY: And then, it was used to spy on your campaign --


HANNITY: through an associate, violating his constitutional rights.


HANNITY: We have a new attorney general.

TRUMP: Well, I think we have a great attorney general. I hope and I think he’s going to do a terrific job. He’s smart, he’s tough.

He loves the country and he loves the Department of Justice. He loves the Department of Justice and the FBI.

And Bill Barr is, I think, going to be exceptional and you need somebody exceptional, because it has to be cleaned out. What’s going on there for years has been terrible. You look at Ohr, and Ohr’s wife who worked for GPS Fusion, and they’re the ones who did this phony report, the fake dossier -- boy, it’s a hornet’s nest.

And I think -- I think that Bill is going to do a great job.

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