Andrew McCabe: "I Can't Explain Why," But I Believe Trump Had An "Impact" On IG Investigation Of Me


Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe accused President Trump of having an "impact" on the Obama-appointed DOJ inspector general's report that ultimately led to his dismissal. McCabe also reiterated his belief that President Trump may be a Russian asset in his interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Monday.

Cuomo told McCabe he sounded like Trump because he is accusing the president of doing what he is being accused of.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: How do you explain that guy who's not a Trump guy, right, he was put in there by Obama, and you were there a long time, people respected you there, him coming to a different conclusion?

ANDREW MCCABE, FMR. FBI ACTING DIRECTOR: I can't explain why the process seems to have been so greatly impacted by politics.

We all know from the President's own statements, his absolute very clear intention, the result that he want demanded from that prospect - from that investigation, and that's of course the one they delivered.

I can't explain to you why, even now, as my team attempts to uncover the I.G.'s own processes and policies, and those rules that should guide a fair and impartial process, we've had to sue them in Federal Court to get access to information that, as I understand, they are obligated to provide to the public.

CUOMO: You think the I.G. did what they did with your findings because of the President?

MCCABE: I think the President had an indelible impact on the I.G.'s process.

I know that the process that I went through was one that was unfair, was one that left out multiple pieces of relevant information, the testimony of witnesses who were never even referenced in the report.

I can't explain to you exactly why that happened. But I have a great suspicion that the President's clear desire had an impact on it.

CUOMO: You know, it sounds to me like you're accusing the President of the same thing he accuses you, right?

He says, "McCabe had it out for me. He didn't like me. He opened up this investigation with no real basis. He had to hand it off. I got lucky there that he handed it off to Mueller because he was out to get me like of other - lot of other people there." You're making a similar case, Mr. McCabe, which is, Trump was out to

get you, so he persuaded an I.G., somehow, who's an Obama appointee to say bad things about you.

MCCABE: Well I don't think that's the case, Chris. I'm going to disagree with you there.

CUOMO: Please.

MCCABE: I - I think on the side of the decisions that I made, and the decisions that - that we made in those fateful days in May, right after the firing of the Director, we relied on our training, our authority, our processes.

We had facts in our hands that indicated quite clearly that we had an articulable basis to believe that a crime may have been committed or that a threat to national security might exist.

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