Kierna Mayo: "Racist" Trump Doesn't See Black People As Human, "Hates People Who Look Like Me"


Kierna Mayo, the former editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine, called President Trump a racist on Monday's broadcast of 'CNN Tonight' with host Don Lemon. Mayo, a black journalist, said Trump doesn't see black people as "fully human" and that he "hates" people who look like her.

KIERNA MAYO: I don't think the president sees black people as fully human. I don't think he sees us as having agency, intelligence, as noted by his comment about Spike [Lee]. He wishes he could read. There's always some subtle suggestion that black people need to catch up, keep up, and if it were not for his graciousness, if it were not for his attentiveness, his loving kindness, we would be in a hell of a place.

But you know, clearly most African-Americans, I think are offended by most of the president's language, by most of his conversation, and certainly by the -- every night, every clip just leaves most African-Americans feeling this is a person who actively hates me. This is a person who hates people who look like me. And despite these individual one-off wins, I think we're clear that the legacy of Donald Trump and the future of Donald Trump is one and the same. He is racist.

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