Kamala Harris: "I'm A Progressive Democrat... I'm Not A Socialist"


Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democratic candidate for president in 2020, sets the record straight on her political philosophy, telling CNN's John King in an interview that she is "not a socialist."

"I certainly think that we should all want that our leaders do not engage in name-calling because that’s really just a very low-level of discourse," Harris said. "I'm a progressive Democrat. I am a Democrat, I'm a proud Democrat. I'm not a socialist."

Watch the full interview below:

HARRIS: Well, I think, first of all, it's important to distinguish between where someone is on a policy issue with a label with name-calling. All of those are different points. And I certainly think that we should all want that. Our leaders do not engage in name-calling, because that's really just very low level of discourse and we should expect more from leaders.

In terms of where I am, who I am -- I’m a progressive Democrat. I’m a Democrat. I’m a proud Democrat. I’m not a socialist.

I believe that the people in our country today want leaders who understand that right now, everyone does not have equal opportunity to success. And we need to restore America's promise for equal opportunity to success. I believe that right now, we've got a country of folks who, in particular the working middle class who deserve to have more support and that the rules have been written over the last several decades, frankly, in a way that have excluded them.

And we can look most recently at the tax bill that was passed that benefits the top 1 percent and big corporations, to the exclusion of helping middle class Americans, which is why I’m proposing we change the tax code.

KING: What you propose is to take back the Trump tax cut?

HARRIS: Yes, repeal it, repeal it.

KING: To the wealthy and the corporations.

HARRIS: Absolutely.

KING: Give that to the middle class? Your LIFT tax, as you call it?

HARRIS: That’s right.

KING: Is that it for you or do you think the government needs to raise more revenue?

HARRIS: Well, I think --

KING: Elizabeth Warren has the plan, the mega tax -- mega rich get taxed higher. Is that a good idea or do you think you start by taking away the Trump tax cut and redistribute more fairly?

HARRIS: Well, we start there. We start there, but I absolutely believe we have to look at the fact that the top 1 percent can pay more and should pay their fair share.

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