DNC Chair Tom Perez: "Oldest Trick In The Playbook" For Republicans To Call Democrats Socialist


Democratic presidential candidates stake out far-left positions; reaction from Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez on 'Fox News Sunday.'

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Whether it's the green new deal or Medicare for all or suggestions about very high tax rates on the super wealthy, how do you defend against President Trump's charge and effort to portray the Democratic Party, your tax and spend policies, as socialist?

DNC CHAIR TOM PEREZ: This is one of the oldest tricks in the playbook, Chris. You go back 75 years, when Republicans don't want to discuss the issues that matter to real people, they call it socialism. Social Security, when it was being debated, you had Republicans calling it socialism. The minimum wage in 1938, you had Republicans calling it socialism. Medicare, Ronald Reagan said, and I quote, Medicare will lead to socialized medicine. Medicare will lead to socialism in America. The Affordable Care Act. The Children's Health Insurance Program. All of those things were socialism, socialism. Why did they do that? Because they're wrong on the issues. They don't want to talk about pre-existing conditions. We're right on that issue. We want to make sure if you're diabetic you can keep your coverage. They don't want to. So they change the subject. And that's what they do...

Civil rights is the unfinished business of America, Chris, and we've -- we've seen throughout our nation's journey that we have more work to do. And that's why Democrats are talking about it.

But what Democrats are talking most about right now is, how do we build an economy that works for everyone and not just the few at the top? How do we make sure that if you have diabetes that we will bring down the cost of prescription drugs? How do we build an infrastructure program that's going to put people to work?

WALLACE: OK, I understand that.

PEREZ: That's what we're talking about.

WALLACE: But specifically reparations. Do you think -- is that something that will be in the Democratic platform, the idea that we are going to pay the -- the country is going to pay reparations, compensations to the victims, the descendants of victims of slavery?

PEREZ: That's something that will be discussed during the course of the presidential nominating process. And what I -- what I think is going to be discussed at -- at length during this nominating process is, how do we make sure America works for everyone. I find it -- this -- the whole interesting thing about the continued use of the word socialism is that repressive socialist regimes, two of their most frequent qualities are, number one, they go after the press. They try to undermine the press. And, number two, they are -- they have endemic corruption.

And I find it very ironic when you hear this president using the word socialist all the time. I mean he -- Putin, Kim, Castro, what they all have in common is they were doing so many of the same things. You shouldn't be attacking the press the way this president does. It's unprecedented. You shouldn't be -- you shouldn't be golfing --

WALLACE: I -- wait a minute -- I got to -- I got to interrupt just for a second.

Are you putting the president in the same class with Putin and Kim and Castro?

PEREZ: I'm just saying authoritarian socialist regimes undermine the media. That is wrong. You shouldn't do that. Period. No footnotes. No exceptions.

Authoritarian socialist regimes have endemic corruption. You should understand that. We -- Democrats won in 2018 in no small measure because of the culture of corruption engulfing this administration.

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