Turley: Mueller "One Collusion Short" Of Making A Case, "There Is No Evidence Of Collusion"


MICHAEL SMERCONISH, CNN HOST: Doesn't the absence of additional indictments against [Roger] Stone suggest, as the President would say, no collusion?

JONATHAN TURLEY, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW PROFESSOR: Well, it does. You have to call them as you see them. There is no evidence thus far of collusion between the Trump campaign or President Trump and the Russians and hacking these computer systems. And moreover, it's really quite unlikely, right? If you were a KGB spymaster, would you really collude with Donald Trump and put yourself one tweet away from destruction, on perhaps the most secret operation in its recent history? The answer is no they wouldn't do that. Would you hold a hypersensitive meeting at Trump Tower with half the media downstairs and not actually produce the evidence promised, instead, talk about adoptions? No. The most obvious explanation is probably the right one.

That there was not collusion in the hacking of the system. What appears to be the case is that Stone wanted to get access to this information. That's not illegal. Journalists, operatives, even academics, all try to get their hands on material like this, whether it's whistleblowing or it came from one source or another. There is nothing illegal in that. I think so far we're one collusion short of making that case.

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