Rep. Ted Lieu: If Mueller Exonerates Trump, "We Move On" To Other Investigations


In an interview Wednesday night with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Rep. Ted Lieu said that if and when Special Counsel Robert Mueller exonerates President Trump for Russia collusion, Democrats will "move on" to other investigations like those in Congress and the Southern District of New York.

"Let me first say this," the California Democrat said. "It was a question I was asked a few months ago about what would be the best result for the Mueller probe. I had to think about that for a while and I concluded that the best possible result would be if Robert Mueller found Donald Trump completely innocent because I don't want our president to have engaged in collusion with a foreign power, I just don't want that."

"Now, if the report comes out and exonerates Donald Trump, we move on," he said. "If it doesn’t, if it basically says, hey, we would have indicted Donald Trump for these offenses, but for the fact that there’s a policy memo saying we can’t, then I think Congress has to really look at these issues and decide what to do with whatever offenses the Robert Mueller investigation reveals."

"Separate from that, the House Judiciary Committee and other committees in Congress will investigate other aspects of potential wrongdoing, such as obstruction of justice, witness tampering, abuse of power," he explained.

"Regardless of what Robert Mueller’s report shows, there are investigations by the Southern District of New York. There are state attorney general investigations. So, this is going to keep on going to make sure that all of the possible crimes that Donald Trump and his associates may have engaged in will be investigated," he added.

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