Lara Logan: Any Journalist Not Beating The Drum Giving The Same Talking Points "Pay The Price"


Former CBS News reporter and '60 Minutes' correspondent Lara Logan said the same group of people who targeted her in the past are attacking her again. She named CNN media reporter Brian Stelter and Huffington Post media writer Michael Calderon.

"It’s the same group of people that are already starting to target me again now. And I expected it. And, you know, I was joking that I brace fire and fury, because I know that they will come after me again," Logan said in an interview with FOX News' Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

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"I’m not the only one. The same people come after you, right? One of them with the Sparrow Project. I mean, this person was tweeting today, you know, Hannity watch out about Lara Logan stuff, right?" she added.

Logan said any "independent voices" in journalism are squashed and if you don't beat the drum then you "pay the price."

"I mean, if there were any independent voices out there, if there are any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points, then we pay the price," Logan said. "And if they can’t -- you know, what’s interesting, Sean, they cannot take down the substance of what you're saying, right? They can’t go after the things that matter."

"So they smear you personally," she said. "They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and as a professional. And they’ll stop at nothing."

"So, you know, I’m not the only one. And I’m just, like, I’m done, right? I’m tired of it," Logan told Hannity.

"And they don’t get to write my story anymore," she declared. "They don’t get to speak for me. I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening -- I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I’m not owned by the left. I’m not owned by the right."

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