Joe Scarborough: Only "Tyrants" Use Phrases Like "Enemy Of The People"


Thursday's "Morning Joe" led off with reports on the arrest of a Coast Guard officer who is accused of plotting to murder various liberal politicians and media figures, including Joe Scarborough. Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski make the case that this is exactly the kind of violence that President Trump's "enemy of the people" rhetoric about the media can inspire. Earlier this week, the president tweeted in response to a critical New York Times article:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Donald Trump has been warned repeatedly that talking about enemies of the people is a Stalinist phrase, that it will encourage some of his more unhinged followers.

We’ve all known that Donald Trump and his words and his attacks about enemies of the people would lead to this type of behavior. This is now the second time that we know about, from the pipe bombs to yesterday, but yesterday was obviously far more specific, far more dangerous. And know that is exactly what Donald Trump is encouraging.


Take his [President Trump's] words literally. He knows exactly what he's doing. And he's proven that he knows exactly what he's doing. And, knowing him for 11 years, as I have, I'm fairly confident that he is not disturbed by the news report. In fact, I know he's not disturbed by the news reports. He sees that as a sign of strength, and a sign of passionate support that he tries to churn up every day in his Twitter feed, he tries to churn up every time he calls the media the enemy of the people.

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