Tom Steyer: Until Trump Is Impeached And Removed From Office, "The Country Is At Risk"


Tuesday night on CNN, billionaire hedge fund manager and Democratic donor Tom Steyer said impeachment should be a top priority because "the country is at risk" under President Donald Trump.

"I believe that we have a crisis in the United States. The crisis is the president of the United States," Steyer said. "And that the Constitution gives us one solution, which is to impeach him and remove him from office. And until that happens, the country is at risk. People are going to be suffering, and we’ll not be doing the right thing. So I think it’s the crisis and, therefore, we should deal with it directly."

"We have a president who has committed impeachable offenses, and they do rise to the level of impeachment," he explained. "And if you simply look at the last week, you look at his fake state of emergency, you see a president who’s willing to go directly against the Constitution, to contravene Congress' right to allocate the money in our society because he didn’t get his way and he threw a fit."

"So, in fact, what we’ve seen is a president who’s going at the most important issues that a president can do the separation of powers. Mr. Nadler has actually specifically referenced if a president goes after the separation of powers, that’s an impeachable offense," Steyer said. "We have 7.3 million people who have signed our petition."

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