Dick Durbin After Reading Green New Deal: "What In The Heck Is This?"


Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin expressed his doubts about the Green New Deal in an interview Wednesday on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe," saying he wasn't sure if he would vote for it when it is brought up for a vote.

"I can’t tell you to be honest with you. I have read it and I have reread it and I asked [co-sponsor Senator] Ed Markey, what in the heck is this?"

"It’s an aspiration. It’s a resolution aspiration," Durbin explained. "We’re going to ask the Republican leader, what’s your position on global warming while we’re at it. Should he come out on the record and tell us if human activity is having an impact on our environment. Let's get on the record on both sides."

"But you wouldn’t vote for it in its current form?" co-host Willie Geist asked.

"I'm going to take a look," Durbin demurred. "It's long!"

"I look for it and there’s nowhere for. I will tell you that I certainly agree with the premise that global warming is a threat to the planet and we’re not doing enough," he added.

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