'Daily Show' Trevor Noah: People Are Willing To Believe Any Story About A Trump Supporter, White Person


'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah said that ever since President Trump took office people have become willing to accept any story that confirms what they believe about a Trump supporter or a white person. Noah was explaining why he doesn't believe certain things add up in the Jussie Smollett story and confirmation bias in a behind the scenes clip posted Tuesday on YouTube.

TREVOR NOAH, HOST: I don't know where it's going to go, how it's going to go. I do know if I was Trump, this is a homerun in my world because so many people jumped on board before they even like waited to see what it was about. Like, I don't know, we live in a world where people are too enthusiastic at jumping at stories that confirm their biases instead of just pausing and going, 'what do I make of the story?' What do I make of this story on my own volition? Forget your little anythings. Does it confirm your biases? That's when I always think you have to be even more vigilant is when it confirms everything you believed.

And this goes for both sides of people because Trump supporters are in the deepest conspiracies ever. It's not anyone is immune to this. But I think increasingly, since Trump has come into power, people have become increasingly willing to accept any story that confirms anything about a Trump supporter or a white person. I'm always like do not become the thing you disdain. Don't become the thing that you hate because then what are you fighting for if you've become the thing you're trying to fight against...

Jussie Smollett is completely screwed. I don't know where you go. I don't know where. It does sound like an 'Empire' plotline, I will say that.

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